Korean beauty-box
Created by experts from Seoul specially for russian women
The best k-beauty
* The amount of boxes is limited.
South Korea is the beauty-capital of the world.
Various skincare products from Korea are best known for their quality and remarkable design.
South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world.
Tremendous amounts of money are being invested in the research & development of new beauty products every year. Safe and effective products from natural ingredients are created by scientists and appreciated by thousands of women worldwide.
Since ancient times South Korea is known as the «Land of Morning Calm».
And this name is also representing the purpose of k-beauty: during the whole day, your skin should look as if you had a great 8 hours of sleep.
South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world.
We have been living in Korea for many years, and we know for sure that k-beauty can be very different.
Maria Nikitina
is the most famous Russian speaking blogger in Seoul. She has a degree in Medicine.
Julia Turdakova
korean beauty expert, director of procurement with many years of experience
During our life in Seoul, we learned that:
Some brands produce great make-up products, but when it comes to skincare - they are not as good, sometimes it's vice versa.
A lot of k-beauty products come to Russia without any licensing or needed certificates. It means that they get through the customs illegally.
It is almost impossible to find a mini-version of a k-beauty product in stores, which means that you are taking a risk spending a lot of money on a full-size product that may not even suit you.
K-beauty is very different
Russia has a lot of uncertified k-beauty
Almost no samples or mini products
from thousands of Korean skincare products we chose ten that we are 100% confident you are going to enjoy
we contacted production companies and managed to negotiate the best prices exclusively for our Russian audience
personally checked all the factories and labs facilities, strictly checked their quality and safety certificates
gathered the most precious box you can imagine – 8 full-sized products, two mini-products, and a whole bunch of samples. Each product is universal and suits every skin type.
Full-size product
Mini product
If you decide to buy all of this products from russian online-stores by yourself it will cost you more than 14 000 ₽. Thanks to the support of Korean manufacturers we were able to make it almost half the price.
What's in the box:
— 8 full-size products
— 2 mini-products
— 11 samples
— 9 sachets
— exclusive prediction card signed by Maria Nikitina

The first 30 buyers will receive a sweet present from South Korea that will surprise you for sure.
* The amount of boxes is limited
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The best k-beauty

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