Men's box you've been waiting for
Best skincare products specifically designed for menза кожей специально для мужчин
Blend of natural ingredients
and scientific innovations for your skin
Over the past 3 years, we have shipped more than 230 000 boxes. some drops sold out in less than 30 seconds. and we know why:
Box costs 40-60% less than if you bought each product individually
How do I open the box? Where's my delivery? We will answer the hardest and the simplest questions of our customers.
Each edition is a complete skincare set, approved by Korean cosmetologists.
80% of the box consists of full-size products and only 20% are miniatures, so it will last you a long time.
Special price
Customer service
We've been living in Korea for many years, and we know that korean cosmetics can be different. So, here's how we curate each box:
We've been living in Korea for many years, and we know that korean cosmetics can be different. so, here's how we curate each box:
From thousands of brands we select only the best. Those whose quality we are a hundred percent confident in.
We contact their manufacturers and arrange a nice price for the gentle skin of our customers.
We assembled a box with a real treasure. It includes the best creations from Korean manufacturers that we trust and use ourselves. The cosmetics in the box are suitable for most skin types.
We personally control the manufacture and laboratories, their quality certificates and safety.
If you`ll decide to buy everything from this box yourself on local online markets, it will cost you around 16 200 roubles. Thanks to the support of Korean manufacturers, we were able to make it almost twice as cheap.
Saving on the best
Our customers recommend us to their friends and express their gratitude in private messages.
We have our own application!
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