82Box — largest beauty-box service from Korea
Over the course of 2.5 years, we have sent more than 155,000 boxes. Some launches were sold out in 30 seconds, and we know why:
Box is 40-60% more affordable than buying everything separately
Customer support
How to open the box? Where's my delivery? — We provide top notch support service and always ready to answer any questions, taught or easy
Each box is a complete beauty routine approved by korean cosmetologists
Products inside
It will last you long, as 80% of the box are full-sized products, only 20% are mini-versions
Here you can find all previous issues, starting from the very first one
We have been living in Korea for many years, and we know for sure that k-beauty can be very different. Therefore, here is how the preparation of each box looks like:
We personally check production and development labs, their quality and safety certificates
Assembled the box with real treasures. Only the best creations of Korean manufacturers, which we use ourselves and fully trust, got into it. Products are universal and suitable for most skin types
We contact productions directly and negotiate best prices for our costomers
From thousands of Korean brands, we choose only the best. Those where we are 100% sure of the quality of products
Customers recommend us to their friends and write us personal gratitudes
We have our own web application!
Register for a private sale
Buy boxes
Track your order
Ask questions
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The best k-beauty

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17층 4호(상암동, 케이지아이티센터)
사업자등록증: 617-81-54962 개인정보관리자: support@82box.ru
고객센터: 02-725-2223 팩스번호: 02-6008-1903
제품 문의: support@82box.ru


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